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Hepatitis A & Typhoid Vaccine


Hepatitis A is mainly spread via contaminated food and water. It can be found world wide . Those at higher risk include travellers visiting friends and relatives, long term travellers and those exposed to conditions of poor sanitation.

Children aged 6 and under often have very mild symptoms, the disease is more severe in adults.

Symptoms include tiredness, lack of appetite, sickness and high temperature, followed by jaundice. Recovery is usually within a month but some people can go on to develop on going liver problems.

Typhoid  is a bacterial infection, spread by consuming contaminated food and water. This can lead to a high temperature, headaches and diarrhoea, which if untreated can be fatal.

Vaccination is recommended for travellers to high risk areas with poor sanitation, or for travellers who will be unable to maintain good food, water and personal hygiene. Highly recommended for those visiting or staying with local population.

Inactivated vaccine for those aged 2 years and over.

Single combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccine from 16 years.

Booster Hepatitis A  from 6 - 12 months giving long lasting protection.

Booster Typhoid every 3 years on continued exposure.

Applicable Countries

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia & Pacific
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • South America


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