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Skin Tags

Fed up with those annoying skin tags? 

Amanda Oakes-Smith is a dermatology nurse with many years experience in performing minor surgical procedures.

Following individual assessment Amanda will advise on skin care and arrange skin tag removal if appropriate.

Some commonly asked questions:

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small growth of soft tissue, often brownish and flesh-like in appearance,usually on a peduncle (stalk)

Skin tags are commmonly found on the neck,upper chest, arm pit, under the breasts, groin, and other folds of the skin.

Skin tags are harmless but can become sore when irritated by folds of skin, clothing and jewellry.

Skin tags pose no risk but may cause distress if they become sore and can be unsightly.

If you are not sure whether you have a skin tag or not we are happy for you to make an appointment for a Skin Tag Assessment. 

What causes skin tags?

The cause of skin tags is not known but they tend to occur in areas of skin that rub together.

Exclusion criteria

Only skin tags are removed in this clinic, other skin lesions will not be removed. Some skin tags on eye lids may not be appropriate for removal at this clinic.


The most effective method of skin tag removal is by excision and cautery to the base. Local anaesthetic is applied if required. Skin tags are completely removed following this procedure.

The procedure is carried out under sterile conditions.

After care

Clients are advised to keep the area dry for 48 hours following procedure

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