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Ear Wax Removal

From many years experience of primary health care nursing we know the importance  of removing blocked wax before a flight or dive trip - but of course, we can always help with this if you are not travelling as well.

Wax forms naturally in the ear canal, its purpose is to protect the ear by trapping dust and other particles from entering the ear.

The wax usually makes its own way to the ear opening where it is washed away but some people seem to produce more wax than others and as we get older ear wax tends to become less moist, meaning it's transfer out of the ear is not as effective.

Cotton wool buds should never be used as they will push the wax further into the ear canal.

We offer a service to check ears  and irrigate  to remove wax if required. Irrigation involves rinsing the ear canal with warm water which is introduced under a gentle pressure via specialised equipment to reduce the risk of discomfort . Olive oil drops should be put in the ear twice daily for at least 5 days before irrigation. We recommend that if wax removal is required, you have your ears irrigated at least 2  weeks before travelling.

Our service is in accordance with the latest NICE Guidelines ( National Institute of Clinical Excellence) published June 2018 

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